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Department of Literature and Language  

Faculty Books

Our Department’s faculty members have an exemplary record of scholarly and creative activity, including presentations, articles and book chapters, reviews, performances and readings.  For a more complete listing, please see the titles provided in individual faculty profiles.  The following is a list of books written or edited by members of the Literature and Language Department.

Cynn ChadwickGirls With Hammers book cover

  • Cat Rising: Harrington Park Press/Bywater Books, 2002/2008, ISBN 1932859667
  • Girls with Hammers: Harrington Park Press/Bywater Books, 2004/2008 ISBN 1932859675
  • Babies, Bikes, and Broads: Harrington Park Press/Bywater Books, 2008 ISBN 1932859624
  • Angels & Manners: Bywater Books, 2010 ISBN 1932859713
  • As The Table Turns: Napping Porch Press, 2011 ISBN 1460998936
All Ebook Versions of the above were published by Napping Porch Press in January 2011.

Rick Chess  

  • Tekiah. Athens: University of Georgia Press, 1994; reprinted Tampa: University of Tampa Press, 2002. ISBN 1879852780
  • Chair In The Desert. Tampa: University of Tampa Press, 2000. ISBN 1879852675
  • Third Temple. Tampa: University of Tampa Press, 2007. ISBN 1597320242

Gary Ettari 

Sentimental Over You. Moonshine Cove Publishing, 2015. ISBN 9781937327637Sentimental Over You

Cindy Ho   

  • (Co-editor) Crossing the Bridge: Comparative Essays on Heian Japanese and Medieval European Women Writers. New York: St. Martin’s Press, 2000. ISBN 0312221673
  • (Co-editor) Finding Saint Francis in Literature and Art. New York: Palgrave, 2009. 
    ISBN 023060286X
  • (Co-editor) Asheville Reader: The Medieval and Renaissance World Acton, MA: Copley, 2002; Asheville: Pegasus Press, 1998. ISBN 158152269X

David Hopes  

  •  A Dream of Adonis. San Antonio: Pecan Grove Press, 2009. ISBN 1931247420
  •  Bird Songs of the Mesozoic.  Minneapolis: Milkweed Editions, 2005. ISBN 1571312773
  •  A Sense of the Morning. Minneapolis: Milkweed Editions, 1999. ISBN 1571312331
  •  A Childhood in the Milky Way.  Akron, OH: U of Akron Press, 1999. ISBN 1884836453
  •  Blood Rose.  Asheville: Urthona Press, 1996. ISBN 0964830523
  •  The Penitent Magdalene.  Quincy, IL: Franciscan Press, 1994. 
  •  Timothy Liberty. Greenville, NC: NCPF Press, 1988.
  •  The Glacier’s Daughters.  Springfield, MA: U. Mass Press, 1980. ISBN 0870233408

Lori Horvitz 

  • (Editor.) Queer Girls in Class: Lesbian Teachers and Students Tell Their Classroom Stories. New York: Peter Lang Publishing Group, 2011. ISBN 1433110970

Holly Iglesias 

  • Angles of Approach (poems), Buffalo, NY: White Pine Press, 2010. ISBN 1935210173
  • Souvenirs of a Shrunken World (poems), Tucson, AZ:Kore Press, 2008. ISBN 188855326X
  • Boxing Inside the Box: Women's Prose Poetry, Niantic, CT: Quale Press, 2004.
    ISBN 0970066384

Erica Abrams Locklear 

  • Negotiating a Perilous Empowerment: Appalachian Women's Literacies. Athens, OH: Ohio University Press, 2011. ISBN 0821419668

Katherine Min 

  •  Secondhand World.  New York: Knopft, 2006. ISBN 0307274993

Merritt Moseley  

  • David Lodge: How Far Can You Go? San Bernardino, CA: Borgo Press, 1991.
    ISBN 0809552299
  • Understanding Kingsley Amis. Columbia, SC: University of South Carolina Press, 1993.
    ISBN 0872498611
  • Understanding Julian Barnes.  Columbia, SC: University of South Carolina Press, 1997.
    ISBN 1570038759
  • (Editor) Readings for Humanities 224. Acton, MA: Copley, 1988. revised and augmented edition, 1992. ISBN 0874113180
  • (Editor) Proceedings of the Asheville Institute on General Education. Washington: Association of American Colleges, 1992. ISBN 0911696547        
  • (Editor) Dictionary of Literary Biography (Volume 194): British Novelists Since 1960, Second Series. Detroit: Gale, 1998.
    ISBN 0787618497
  • (Editor) Dictionary of Literary Biography (Volume 207): British Novelists Since 1960, Second Series. Detroit:  Gale, 1999. 
    ISBN 0787631019
  • (Editor) Dictionary of Literary Biography (Volume 231): British Novelists Since 1960, Second Series. Detroit:  Gale, 2000.
    ISBN 0787646482
  • (Editor)Dictionary of Literary Biography (Volume 271): British and Irish Novelists Since 1960, Second Series. Detroit: Gale, 2003. ISBN 0787660159
  • (Co-editor) The Asheville Reader: The Ancient World. Acton, MA: Copley, 2004. ASIN 1581523289
  • (Editor) Dictionary of Literary Biography (Volume 326): Booker Prize Novels, 1969-2005. Detroit: Gale, 2006.
    ISBN 078768144X
  • Understanding Michael Frayn. Columbia, SC: University of South Carolina Press, 2006. ISBN 1570036276
  • (Editor) The Academic Novel: New and Classic Essays Chester, UK: Chester Academic Press, 2007.ISBN 1905929382picture of book
  • The Fiction of Pat Barker: A Reader's Guide to Essential Criticism.  London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2014. ISBN

Samuel Schuman 

  • Cyril Tourneur.  Boston: Twayne , 1977. ISBN 0805766901
  • Vladimir Nabokov:  A Reference Guide. Boston: G. K. Hall, 1979. ISBN 0816181349
  • "Theatre of Fine Devices:" Emblems and the Emblematic in the Plays of John Webster. Salzburg: University of Salzburg Press, 1982. ISBN 3705203797
  • John Webster:  A Reference Guide.  Boston: G. K. Hall, 1985. ISBN 081618433X
  • Beginning in Honors. Boise, ID: NCHC, 1989; Fourth Edition, 2006. ISBN 0977362361
  • Honors Programs in Smaller Colleges.  Boise, ID: NCHC, 1988; Third Edition, 2011. 
  • Old Main:  Small Colleges in Twenty-First Century America. Baltimore:  Johns Hopkins University Press, 2005. ISBN 0801891027
  • Seeing the Light:  Religious Colleges in Twenty-First Century America. Baltimor: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2009. ISBN 0801893720
  • (Editor) Leading America’s Branch Campuses.  Washington: American Council on Education, 2009. ISBN 160709178X

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