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Tamiko Murray empowers kids through writing

UNC Asheville Literature graduate student, writer, social activist, and community citizen Tamiko Murray was the subject of a long article in the Asheville Citizen-Times on Friday, August 9.  This impressively versatile woman, who went on to earn a master's degree in social work at Western after graduating from UNC Asheville, commented in the article on her work with Writers in Schools: 
“I love seeing a student who is ‘no good at writing’ and who feels invalidated by test scores or through struggles with spelling or punctuation, come to school and tell me they went home and wrote a story on their own,” she said. “I love when frustration, anger or apathy transforms to pride and motivation — that relationship with literacy has to change for a child who feels like it’s out of their reach,” Murray said. “That’s what I’m best at: I don’t care how terrible you may be at those things — everyone has a story to tell, and I love leading a young person to discover the poetry in their everyday lives.”

Congratulations to Tamiko.

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